Monday, February 20, 2012

No Turning Back - Tiffany Snow

Book Blurb:
After the death of her parents, Kathleen Turner leaves small town life for Indianapolis to pursue her dreams the best she can. Young and alone in the world, she works as a lowly Runner at the prestigious law firm of Gage, Kirk and Trent and bartends at night to make ends meet. Her ignominious introduction to Blane Kirk, partner in the firm and local playboy, has her diving under desks to avoid him. Unfortunately, when her friend is murdered and attempts are made on her own life she doesn't know where to turn - except to Blane.

Kathleen's journey begins in the halls of justice where she finds not everyone is as they seem and what you don't know can get you killed. Though a far cry from her Midwestern upbringing, she poses as a prostitute in the intriguing circles of high-priced escort services in a reckless bid to uncover the murderer. Little does she know that the murder of her friend was only a small part in a high-tech plan to rig an online election. She must race against the clock in a desperate ploy to sabotage the scheme in a dangerous game of political espionage.

In My Own Words:
Trying to make it on her own after the death of her parents, Kathleen heads to the big city to start fresh.  Being a runner in a large law firm is just the start she needs.  When she finds her head in her VERY HOT bosses lap during a meeting, she realizes she needs to keep her distance, not the best first impression.  Blaine couldn't disagree more, he was captivated from the moment he looked in to her eyes.  So when her car won't start, that is what starts them down a path of hookers, murderers, espionage and justice.

I really enjoyed parts of this book.  You pretty much could figure out the bad guys early on, but you weren't exactly sure which side Blaine was on until it was revealed.  There were a lot of LOL moments, and some moments that made you ::sigh:: and plenty of moments where you are shouting at the book, and wondering where this was going now.  I have to admit, I hope this isn't the last we see of CJ, she broke my heart, and I would love to see some redemption for her.  Now, for some of my dislikes, I really don't like the triangle with Blaine's brother.  It seemed like it wasn't a conflict that was needed with everything else going on.  I also didn't care for her using her body so much to get what she wanted. In the beginning it was mentioned that she has aspirations of being a lawyer, but she really acted ditzy at times.  I don't know that book #2 is in my future, as I am not really in to the love triangle thing, but I did enjoy this first one.

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