Sunday, February 05, 2012

The Betrayal - Kathryn Shay

Book Blurb:
Darcy Weston flees to her grandparents’ abandoned farm after her stepfather rapes her. There, she meets Jordan Mackenzie, a local boy, and the friendship of a lifetime begins. Jordan helps sustain Darcy with food and water, and his company, for months, but eventually her whereabouts are discovered. In subsequent years, the two young people try to stay in touch from their disparate worlds, but eventually they drift apart.

Flash forward twelve years. Jordan is an accomplished teacher and Darcy, an internationally famous, reclusive artist. They meet again when Jordan publishes a book that reveals secrets about Darcy's past. But they find themselves thrown together first over the scandal his book creates, then over a murder. Once again, they turn to each other for help and comfort as they deal with police investigations, a variety of suspects from each other's worlds, and a passion between them which won't be denied.

In My Own Words:
Being 15 years old and on the run, Darcy hides in the only place she knows no one will think to look for her.  The farm her grandparents left her in upstate New York.  Trying to put the nightmare of her step father raping her and her mother not believing the accusation, what Darcy could really use is a friend.  Upon a chance encounter, that is exactly what she got.  Jordan was a 12 year old with an imagination and a pencil to keep track of his adventures.  When he met Darcy he just knew his life would be changed forever.  They became the best of friends, even after Darcy moved back home, staying in touch and seeing each other often.  Darcy realized that she was tarnishing young Jordan and he needed to find his own way, without her clouding his judgement.  She made the decision and cut him loose.

Move ahead 12 years, Jordan's mother is dying of cancer.  What he needs is a hit, a literary hit.  He knows he has a story that could be told, he knows that it would sky rocket his career and get him the much needed money to get his mom in to a clinical trial.  The downside to this, he would be publishing a book about a well known and very famous artist.  The same artist that he had loved back when he was 12 and he was 15.  Knowing this book would expose her, he attempts to contact.  When he was met with ice and coolness, he published it.  The book thus sending a series of events spiraling out of control.

Notable Quote:
"It was cool, mom. Especially when the girl delivered my pizza.  She came in and danced on the table for me." He wiggled his brows.

"Yeah?" She spoke as she got the wine out of the fridge. "How nice for you."  He liked it when she played along.  "Any questions you have about all that?"
(tired of his mother worrying about him being alone, young Jordan decided to make up a stripper visit)

The title of this book was accurate beyond words.  There was a list of betrayal from the first chapter till almost the end.  Everyone having a hand in some sort of betrayal.  A roller-coaster of love, hate, betrayal and murder all wrapped up in one book.  I liked the story a great deal, I really enjoyed watching young Jordan and Darcy get acquainted.  As the story progressed, you could almost feel the rage from the characters jumping off the page.  I loved how Darcy's art portrayed her mood and how her and Jordan could work together in their own versions of a trance.  I was pretty sure I knew who the ultimate betrayer was pretty early on, and I was right and disgusted by the finality of their "love".  While I really did love the story with the main characters, I was put off by a ton of typos.  It got to be really bad after a while.  I also thought some of the story seemed a bit...choppy and didn't flow.  There were some things left unanswered at the end of the book which also made the book lacking for me.  All in all a good story, but not one of my favorites.

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