Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kinncaid Brothers - Jaycee Clark

Deadly Shadows:
Jesslyn Black, a writer, is content living her now-single, childless life. If she keeps to herself, she can’t get hurt. Haunted by the past, Jesslyn never again wants to experience the soul-shredding pain of losing loved ones.

But a murder changes that.

Aiden Kinncaid is running from his own secret loss. As the CEO of Kinncaid Enterprises, he travels to this remote Colorado resort town to oversee the opening of the new Highland Hotel. Though he’s not interested in any kind of relationship, he finds himself drawn to this temperamental, brown-eyed beauty. And her rough-edged attitude is a challenge to him.

But whether or not either sought a relationship—they’ve found one. Aiden wants to protect Jesslyn even if she claims she can take care of herself, and she finds she can’t stop thinking about Aiden, even when he annoys her. Will they get their second chance at love and life before the killer eliminates one problem he doesn’t need?

Deadly Ties:
Taylor Reese is done with men, except for her son, Ryan. Dr. Gavin Kinncaid realizes Ms. Reese is the only woman he's ever wanted to strangle, but fate and passion soon twist their feelings into something other than antagonism, first into passion and then into love. But someone plots to rip this new happy family apart, spilling pain and death in their wake.

Deadly Obsession:
She’s his angel . . . his love . . . his obsession. . . .

He knew she wasn’t dead, and he’s finally found her.
Christian Bills has created a new life for herself with the help of the wealthy and powerful Kinncaid family. For almost nine years, she’s been hiding, but dark secrets from her past threaten to rip her safe world apart. 

Brayden Kinncaid doesn’t know what’s wrong with Christian. He’s known her for years and only recently discovered his feelings for her go beyond friendship. The changes in the once strong-willed woman are startling. Her haunted gray eyes and darting looks lead him to believe something is drastically wrong. No matter how hard he pushes her, she won’t confide in him. But when Christian is attacked, Brayden vows to discover what she is hiding--before it is too late.

Deadly Games:
The stakes are higher . . . the risks are steeper…the chances more fatal . . .

Rori Maitland has lived her life the way she’s wanted it. After retiring from MI6, she’s her own woman, few friends, no husband, and that is the way she bloody well prefers it. After all, her job is hardly normal.

Ian Kinncaid, master of disguise, has been estranged from his family for well over a decade. With his deep cover blown, he now needs a safe place to put the little girl he saved from the Czech underground. But the shadows cloak enemies and trust comes at too high a cost.

Notable Quote:
Jesslyn started laughing. "I do love it when Jock gets all irate over something and makes an ass out of himself."  (Deadly Games)

I loved each book in this series, and I found myself loving the next one more than the first and I didn't know that was possible.  Each brother has a trait about him that is easy to love and hard to stand.  My favorite book out of the 4 would be Deadly Games.  We meet Ian in every book before his, and he is helping his brothers in one way or another, but always under the radar, always in a disguise.  I find it kind of ironic that the one woman that has the skill to actually kill him and is being offered a lot of money to do it, ends up saving his life, in more ways than one.  The characters are lovable and relatable.  The kids are wonderfully written and you just want to scoop them up and pinch their cheeks. The villains were truly evil and easy to hate.  I would truly recommend this series to anyone who loves to read contemporary romance and romantic suspense.  P.S.  I have it on good authority that Quinlan will be getting his own book in Spring of 2012 (YAY).

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Place Called Home - Jo Goodman

Book Blurb:
When Thea Wyndham and Mitchell Baker learn they've been named joint guardians for their late friends' three children, they're little more than acquaintances. Barely polite acquaintances, at that. Something about Mitch's forthright intensity has always left ad exec Thea feeling off-balance, while Mitch makes no secret of his disdain when Thea offers him financial assistance if he'll take sole guardianship.

Thea is far from heartless. She's just plain terrified of her new parenting responsibilities. Both she and Mitch are romantically involved with other people. Yet the more time they spend together, the less certain she is of her loyalties. There are complications and missteps, tears and laughter—lots of it. And somehow, through it all, the dawning realization that the last place she thought she'd find herself could be just where she belongs. . .

In My Own Words:
When Thea and Mitch's best friends are killed in a car wreck, their vow to take on their children is called up.  Thea is MIA when the wreck happens and Mitch has the kids for weeks before Thea can be notified. Thea feels she can't take on the responsibility of the children and implores Mitch to continue on as he has been doing.  She is willing to contribute financially and will visit as often as she can, but that is all she can offer.  Mitch sees Thea as a heartless cold woman, who could turn their backs on those kids, especially since she swore to her best friend and the children's father that she would help Mitch raise them if the need arouse.

When Mitch starts diving in to Thea's life, he realizes she is far from the ice queen he pictured her as and when Thea realizes she needs the connection to the kids, they both realize they will have to learn to deal with each other.  The closer they get, the more they understand...they have more between them then a custody situation.

Notable Quote:
..."If I were the speaker of the house, I'd want to sue your ass."
"Careful, you'll turn my head with compliments like that. Anyway, it was a good likeness.  Flattering, I thought."
(Mitch talking to Thea's attorney about his job as a cartoonist)

I enjoyed meeting Thea and Mitch.  Their story was a sad one, and the two made the best of the situation. I LOVED the twins.  The were full of life and said exactly what popped in to their heads.  I thought this story was a bit long.  It was a slow starter for me.  I didn't really start getting all that interested until close to 3/4 through.  The thought sequences were VERY descriptive and the sex scenes, while hot, were as equally as wordy.  I found myself skimming a lot.  I will try this author again, but I think I will wait a while.

Falling For Love - Marie Force

Book Blurb:
Since he won the Academy Award for best original screenplay a few years ago, Grant McCarthy's personal and professional lives have fallen apart. Abby, the woman he was supposed to marry, is engaged to someone else, and Grant is back at home on Gansett Island helping to run the family marina business while his father recovers from a serious injury. While all Grant's focus should be on winning back the love of his life, pesky Stephanie, who runs the marina restaurant, is working her way under his skin and into his bed. As Tropical Storm Hailey cuts off Gansett Island from the mainland, Grant suspects Stephanie is hiding something big from her past. When he finds out what it is, what will be more important to him? Winning Abby back or helping Stephanie to right a terrible wrong?

In My Own Words:
Not having written a single meaningful word since he won his big award, Grant goes home to lick his wounds and help his family.  Since his father was injured, someone needs to keep the family business open and Grant is just the man to do it.  Grant thinks with the change in location, plus the fact his one true love is close by, he should be able to shake the cobwebs free and begin writing again.  One thing stands in his way...Stephanie.  After much to much to drink at his sister's wedding, and the need to try and make his ex jealous, he ends up taking the sassy, no nonsense Stephanie home, to his bed.  This is seriously going to hinder his plans at winning Abby back.  Can everyone convince him that Abby has moved on?  Will Stephanie be there to help soften the blow?

Notable Quote:
"How do you know it's a she?"
He forced a smile for her.  "Only a woman would create this kind of drama."
(Maddie and Mac discussing the impending delivery of their new baby during a tropical storm)

I am a huge fan of Marie Force, which is why it pains me to admit...I really didn't like this book.  There was a LOT going on in this book.  To me, it didn't seem like there was one focused couple.  Not only did Grant and Stephanie get a storyline, but in come Mac and Maddie....then Francine and Ned had quite a story to tell as well.  There was a little triangle with David, Joe and Janey...I admit it didn't last long, but I felt it was unnecessary.  The ending really annoyed me, it was so...abrupt.  I admit, I did like getting to visit with Mac, Maddie, Joe and Janey...but it just seemed to much to cram it all in one book.  My favorite part of the book, was the birth of the baby.  There was so much emotion packed in that delivery room it was very well written.  I am the first to say, I understand not everyone likes every book, this just happens to be one I didn't care for.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Destiny - Carly Phillips

Book Blurb:
Nash can't help but admire Kelly Moss's confidence and beauty. But he's forced to keep his distance because getting involved with Kelly could destroy his relationship with his newly discovered teenage half-sister, Tess. And Kelly has other reasons for keeping her distance-like the secret she knows Nash will never forgive...

In My Own Words:
As Kelly helps Nash try to build a bridge with their sister, she can't help but start to feel things for him.  Things that she shouldn't feel considering the state her life is in.  Spending time with Nash is a bad idea, but she just can't seem to help herself.  Her big worry now, is if Nash finds out about her past, will he ever look at her the same?  When her mother shows up and starts making noises about getting Tess, the whole family come together to do what is best for Tess.  When they include Kelly in those decisions, he heart is broken wide open and things go down hill from there.  Secrets are exposed and people are hurt, healing is what needs to happen next.  But, will they allow that to happen?

I really loved watching Nash and Kelly find their way to each other.  So much was packed in one little book.  Nash has to confront his past AND his hatred for his oldest brother.  Kelly needs to focus on building a new life, and neither needs the complication of a relationship.  BUT, a heart doesn't care what your plans are, they have minds of their own.  I think my favorite parts were the interactions with Tess.  That is one great teen.  I know she is young, but I really hope she gets a book too.

A Just Deception - Adrienne Giordano

Book Blurb:
The protector: Peter Jessup, former Navy SEAL, currently employed by Taylor Security. He likes being the hero—in charge and in control.

His client: Lawyer Isabelle DeRosa. The sexy brunette is the personification of Peter's fantasies. She's willing to get physical but nothing more serious.

The assignment: When Isabelle becomes the prime suspect in the murder of her cousin, Peter is there to protect her and help her find the real killer. Their investigation leads to a big-name charity that seems to draw cultlike followers. Isabelle manages to infiltrate the group and become close to their leader, leaving Peter both jealous and worried for her.

As their search leads to danger, Peter realizes he's falling in love with Isabelle. He wants all of her, but she's too used to guarding herself to let him in….

In My Own Words:
While on a mandatory "vacation", Peter meets Isabelle, a tough attorney that works for her uncle.  Isabelle comes face to face with her worst nightmare, her cousin, and decides to take matters in to her own hands. She asks her friend, Vic, to help her.  Vic calls Peter who is in the area on "vacation" and Peter is more than willing to help, something to do besides lunch with the mother and sitting in the house.  The connection between Peter and Isabelle is almost instant.  When her cousin turns up dead, she is of course the prime suspect.  When the FBI asks for her help in infiltrating the group that her cousin co-owned, she sees a way to clear herself.  No way will Peter let her go alone, and no way with Vic let Peter not have backup.  With the trio headed to parts unknown, Peter begins to feel things he didn't know he could, and decides once and for all that he will do whatever it takes to keep Isabelle safe and make her his. get Isabelle on to that plan.

This is the 3rd book in the Private Protectors book, and I am really liking this series.  The characters seem so...real.  I felt a connection to Isabelle right off, and was very happy to see her paired with Peter.  A hard nosed ex SEAL that had a secret home life of his own.  The cult setting was creepy and you felt an instant hatred for the leader.  The secondary characters were great, of course we caught up with Vic a little, and meeting Courtney was a kick.  A girl with a chip on shoulder and a wicked tongue.  I hope this series continues, I can't wait to see what the author has in store for the Protectors.

I'm Watching You - Karen Rose

Book Blurb:
Star prosecutor Kristen Mayhew has a dangerous secret admirer. He seems to know her every thought, her every move. He sends her letters. And he kills the criminals she herself is powerless to stop.

This avenger even knows Kristen's deepest secret--the one that has kept her from surrendering her heart to Abe Reagan, the police detective sworn to protect her. Like Kristen, Reagan is haunted by the loss of something precious that can never be regained. But in the shadow of a calculating serial killer, the two turn to each other and dare to rediscover passion...even as the messages and vicious murders continue. Even as the killer's thrist for retribution makes Kristen a target for murder.

In My Own Words:
Kristen Mayhew is a prosecutor that takes her job very personally.  When bodies start to pile up, and the murderer seems to have a personal connection to Kristen, she is more determined than ever to not let him take over her life.  The vigilante knows everything about Kristen, and when a murder happens, it is her that he sends a letter to telling why and where to find the body.  When the vigilante kills someone with murdering ties himself, Kristen becomes the target of their rage.  Reagan lost everything 5 years ago, and since he was undercover for so long, it is great to be able to walk freely among the living.  When he meets Kristen, again, he can't help but be captivated and sickened by what this murderer is doing to her life.  Kristen begins to trust Reagan and is afraid that when he finds out about her secret past, all the trust and love that has been built up, may not be enough.

Notable Quote
"Freezer burn. Shoulda' used Saran Wrap." (Mia after finding cellular damage in some victims.  She has a sharp tongue and even sharper wit.)

HOLY COW are the first words I think of when I think of this book.  This book had lots of twists and turns, tons of mystery and enough emotional baggage to sink a ship.  I tried several times to decide who the killer was and each time another small piece of information was given and threw me off, again.  When everything was revealed, I wasn't sure if I hated the killer for being a killer or felt sorry for him and was happy he rid the world of such filth.  The chemistry between Kristen and Abe was stellar.  I enjoyed watching them get to know each other.  BUT, I also enjoyed the chemistry between Abe and his new partner Mia.  I got a little confused at one point in the book, when new people were introduced in the past tense.  There was information overload there.  I understood it at the end when it was all explained, but when they were first introduced, it was hard to keep all of it straight.  I was also a little bummed that Kristen and Zoe's situation wasn't resolved.  Zoe shows such hatred toward Kristen, and we never found out why.  All in all, I really loved this book.  The story was compelling and you couldn't help but get sucked in.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Whispers In The Dark - Maya Banks

Book Blurb:
Nathan is being held captive and is in agony. His saving grace is the voice of an angel who eases his pain and helps him regain enough strength to escape. When he does, she leaves him with a void that he can barely stand. When he escapes and returns to the KGI, he hears her again-now she needs him.

Her name is Shae, and she's on the run with her sister. A government group wants to harness their abilities to heal. The KGI wants to help- but can Nathan quiet his soulmate's doubts and convince her that they are meant to face these dangers together?

In My Own Words:
While being held captive, Nathan starts to think his mind is slipping when he hears the voice of an angel in his head.  He further believes that he is loosing it when his pain mysteriously leaves his body after a severe beating.  When she helps him escape, he is left with more questions than answers.  Shae is running for her life, not believing she has anyone she can trust or turn to, so when she makes a connection with a soldier and helps him, the connection isn't only in the mind, it is also in the heart.  So when she needs him the most, she reaches out to him hoping he will take a leap of faith and come to help her.  When they finally meet face to face, the story Shae reveals shocks Nathan to his core.  While helping Shae uncover who is after her, and why, Nathan falls for her...hard.  He isn't willing to let her go, no matter what the cost.

When I first got wind that this book was going to have a para element, I was very disappointed.  This book is in the middle of the series and none of the other books were para, I wasn't sure she knew what she was doing.  BUT, that being said, I really enjoyed this book.  The para elements...worked.  The chemistry was immediate and believable.  Shae and her sister brought an interesting element to this book and I think they will bring interesting elements to the series.  My only gripe would be that some of the para dialogue was a little cheesy, but given the circumstances they were placed in, some of it could be understandable.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy New Year

Another year is upon us.  Thanks for visiting my blog, and catching up on my reads.  I have been pretty sick since Christmas, so I haven't had the time to get my thoughts together on some of the books that I have been able to get finished.  Looking over the upcoming list, it looks like we have lots of wonderful books coming out this year that I am looking forward to.  Unfortunately, some of my favorite series are coming to an end, but that just means there is lots of new ones on the horizon.  Thanks again for visiting my bookshelf, feel free to leave comments on my reviews, I love to hear what everyone thinks of the books we read.  From my bookshelf to yours, enjoy!!!