Monday, January 23, 2012

Falling For Love - Marie Force

Book Blurb:
Since he won the Academy Award for best original screenplay a few years ago, Grant McCarthy's personal and professional lives have fallen apart. Abby, the woman he was supposed to marry, is engaged to someone else, and Grant is back at home on Gansett Island helping to run the family marina business while his father recovers from a serious injury. While all Grant's focus should be on winning back the love of his life, pesky Stephanie, who runs the marina restaurant, is working her way under his skin and into his bed. As Tropical Storm Hailey cuts off Gansett Island from the mainland, Grant suspects Stephanie is hiding something big from her past. When he finds out what it is, what will be more important to him? Winning Abby back or helping Stephanie to right a terrible wrong?

In My Own Words:
Not having written a single meaningful word since he won his big award, Grant goes home to lick his wounds and help his family.  Since his father was injured, someone needs to keep the family business open and Grant is just the man to do it.  Grant thinks with the change in location, plus the fact his one true love is close by, he should be able to shake the cobwebs free and begin writing again.  One thing stands in his way...Stephanie.  After much to much to drink at his sister's wedding, and the need to try and make his ex jealous, he ends up taking the sassy, no nonsense Stephanie home, to his bed.  This is seriously going to hinder his plans at winning Abby back.  Can everyone convince him that Abby has moved on?  Will Stephanie be there to help soften the blow?

Notable Quote:
"How do you know it's a she?"
He forced a smile for her.  "Only a woman would create this kind of drama."
(Maddie and Mac discussing the impending delivery of their new baby during a tropical storm)

I am a huge fan of Marie Force, which is why it pains me to admit...I really didn't like this book.  There was a LOT going on in this book.  To me, it didn't seem like there was one focused couple.  Not only did Grant and Stephanie get a storyline, but in come Mac and Maddie....then Francine and Ned had quite a story to tell as well.  There was a little triangle with David, Joe and Janey...I admit it didn't last long, but I felt it was unnecessary.  The ending really annoyed me, it was so...abrupt.  I admit, I did like getting to visit with Mac, Maddie, Joe and Janey...but it just seemed to much to cram it all in one book.  My favorite part of the book, was the birth of the baby.  There was so much emotion packed in that delivery room it was very well written.  I am the first to say, I understand not everyone likes every book, this just happens to be one I didn't care for.

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