Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fatal Flaw - Marie Force

Book Blurb:
Back from their honeymoon, Senator Nick Cappuano and D.C. Police Lieutenant Sam Holland are ready for some normalcy after the whirlwind of their wedding, but someone has other plans for them. When Sam discovers wedding cards containing thinly veiled death threats, she's not sure if she or Nick is the target.

Already on edge, Sam and her team start investigating a series of baffling murders. The victims are well-liked with no known enemies, and the murders are carried out in a clean and efficient manner. Unable to find a clear motive for the deaths, she feels like she's chasing her tail.

With no obvious connection between the victims, Sam soon suspects that she may be the ultimate prize in the killer's clever game. When the danger starts to hit a little too close to home, she has two goals: find the elusive murderer and manage to live long enough to enjoy her happily-ever-after.

In My Own Words:
Who wants to go back to work after 2 weeks in Bora Bora?  In the past, Sam would have called about 300 times, sent 1000 emails and come home early.  The new married Sam, is wildly in love with her Senator husband (Nick) and doesn't want to miss a minute of time with him.  When the murders start to add up, and someone is also targeting Sam (sending nasty cards, shredding her clothes, etc...) the one person she usually bounces a case off of, Skip, can't help.  He is rushed to the hospital with pneumonia.  When nothing becomes clear, and there isn't any real connection between the suspects, an unlikely and powerful source comes to Sam's rescue and helps break the case wide open.

When the murderer is finally identified, Sam is more determined than ever to shut them down and get back to her "normal" life.  For this to happen, she needs the help of everyone in her life.

Notable Quote:
"Very fitting that you should turn the picture upside down since you've already turned my life upside down.  Revenge is sweet, my love."  (Sam and Nick in his office after she messed with his desk...again)

What an awesome addition to the Fatal series.  All of our old friends were back, Freddie, Gonzo and all of the PD crew.  Plus, Elin and Freddie's mom come in to play.  Not to mention Jeannie McBride.  And of course, Scotty.  The true here, in my opinion, in this book, was Michael, Jeannie's boyfriend.  Anyone that has gone through Jeannie's ordeal knows that patience is what is needed and the patience and love and support that he showed her made her feel safe, and that was exactly what she needed.  I was moved to tears several times during his scenes.  It was written PERFECTLY.  I find myself always wanting more and wanting the story longer, and I felt this one could have used an epilogue.  I understand that this is an ongoing series and there has to be some intrigue, I just didn't want the story to end.  Fatal Flaw is the perfect example of a book that the villain that you wouldn't exactly expect until you dig a little deeper, and luckily her "rock" was there for her when she really needed him and helped break the case wide open.  I love the dynamics of all of the characters, and when reading all of the Fatal books, I can picture myself there with them, I am totally ensconced in the story.  Can't wait for the next Fatal installment.

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