Sunday, October 30, 2011

Love Me Tender - Alison Kent

Book Blurb:
Leaving behind her exciting career as a New York City fashion editor, Eden Karr - pregnant with twins - moves to small town Texas and opens a clothing boutique. Life in Arbor Glen is a far cry from the fast pace she's always thrived in, and she wonders if she's made a mistake - until sexy carpenter Jace Morgan strides into her store.

One look at beautiful Eden, and Jace know he's found his woman. Trouble is, she's still yearning for New York and his roots are now firmly planted in the Texas Hill Country. Somehow, he's got to show Eden that life here with him could be rich and full, and that the growing love they share is strong enough to keep them living happily ever after.

In My Own Words:
Retreating to small town America, seemed like the best idea to Eden.  She left her big career and big heart ache behind in NY when she found out she was pregnant and the father refused to make an honest woman out of her because he was married.  A fact she didn't know until that faithful day when she asked him, with her heart on her sleeve, to marry her and be a family with their unborn baby.  Moving to Arbor Glen was the best decision she has made.  She started up a clothing boutique and quickly started making life long friends with some of the residents.  When lots of business means lots of inventory, Eden decides she needs some work done to The Fig Leaf.  Jace is just the man she needs.  With haunts of his own in his past, Jace doesn't feel he can be a good friend, to anyone, and tries, without success, to distance himself from Eden and her unborn babies.  The two become fast friends with a spark that neither can or want to put out.  Will Eden's hold on NY hold her back from true love?  Will Jace's thought that he can't be good enough for her overcome his need for her?

Notable Quote:
Jace closed the door behind her and turned to Eden.  "What was that?"

"That....was a teenager."

I really liked the story of Jace and Eden.  The secondary characters were great, and you really got the feel that you were in the town and could really picture everything the writer was trying to get across.  I enjoyed watching the struggle Jace had with himself and when he finally gave up and couldn't stand it anymore, and Eden welcoming him with open arms.  I did tear up a little when he delivered her a special gift for the twins.  I had two issues with this book.  At times, for lack of a better word, the book was a little wordy.  The author seemed to describe things to death, to the point where I skimmed quite a bit.  My second qualm was some of the dialogue closer to the end was pretty cheesy.  When I pictured Jace in the beginning, I didn't picture him as someone that would cave so quickly in the way he spoke to his lady love.  I agree that to a degree some cheese is necessary because it is a love story, but it came to a point that I skimmed some of that too.  I did like the story, and I was surprised there wasn't a love lost point, where the biological dad showed up, but that didn't take from the story at all.  I enjoyed watching Jace and Eden fall in love and I really enjoyed watching Eden fall for the town.

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