Thursday, October 20, 2011

Under Fire - Rita Henuber

Book Blurb:
Coast Guard helicopter pilot Olivia Carver is on a very personal mission. Her twin brother, an undercover officer, was murdered by a drug cartel and she won't stop until she finds the man responsible for his death.

In the course of her own investigation, Olivia meets informant Rico Cortes. He's mysterious and sexy and despite her reservations, the two share a night of passion. But Rico turns out to be more than a one-night stand. He's a DEA agent, deep undercover in Miami's drug world, and possibly the one man who can help Olivia find the justice she seeks.

When Rico realizes his cover is blown, he isn't sure whether it was someone in the cartel or an inside agent. Olivia is the only one he can trust and together they venture on a dangerous, rogue mission to infiltrate a drug lord's inner circle…with Olivia as bait.

In My Own Words:
The one thing that Commander Olivia Carver wants in life, is to get justice for the murder of her twin brother, Danny.  What she didn't expect was to meet a tall, dark and handsome DEA agent that is undercover in the same organization that she needs to take down.  When Rico sees Olivia in the bar, his original intention of sending her packing with a stiff warning, goes out the door.  After a steamy night of sizzling passion, Olivia is ready to give herself a pat on the back for her first one-night-stand success.  When Olivia encounters Rico again, it is in not so friendly circumstances.  When he turns to Olivia for help, she must decide if getting in bed with the devil is worth the intel he may provide.  Having to go undercover herself, she realizes how much she has come to care for Rico, but when she is made, will the training and love persevere?

Notable Quote:
"Commander, if it's all the same to you, you get in that kind of trouble again, call the Marines.  Once flying with you was enough.  And, we aren't all that great.  It's just that everybody else sucks."  He winked and without another word, turned and hobbled away.  (SEAL rescuer to Olivia)

I LOVED THIS BOOK.  I can't wait to see what else this author comes up with.  I was surprised to find out this is her debut book.  This book has it ALL.  I was hooked from the first few pages when Olivia showed she was a pilot not to be messed with.  Olivia is a strong woman full of spunk and sass with the know-how to back it all up.  Rico is a tough as nails DEA agent that is sexy, with a killer smile and to many secrets for him not to be irresistible.  The secondary characters were just as much fun to read about. Mouse is a KICK!!  I was so happy for his own happy ending.  This book had non-stop action and some steamy hot sex scenes.  The banter was refreshing and Rico and Olivia had great chemistry.  My only complaint about this book, was it ended rather abruptly.  I am hoping that means we are being set up for another book :)

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