Thursday, December 09, 2010

My Give A Damn's Busted - Carolyn Brown

He's just doing his job...If Hank Wells thinks he can dig up dirt on the 
new owner of the Honky Tonk beer join for his employer, he's got no idea what kind of trouble he's courting... She's not going down without a fight... If any dime store cowboy thinks he is going to get the best of Larissa Morley, or her Honkey Tonk, then she's got another thing coming... As secrets emerge, and passion vies with ulterior motives, it's winner takes all at the Honky Tonk.

"My Give A Damn's Busted" is an exciting contemporary romance set in modern day rural town Texas. It is the third in the Honky Tonk series, book one Hell Yeah and book two I Love This Bar. It is well written with details and depth. It has all the components for a wonderful love story with, quick wit, romance, rural charm, gutsy characters, betrayal, secrets, messed up families, a sexy cowboy, sassy women and great country music.  The books gets really interesting when back woods meet high society.  The one thing I can say that I didn't really like, or understand was when the betrayal happened, she pretty much forgave him very easily.  It wasn't a little betrayal, I thought he should have to grovel a little more.

Notable Quote:
"...My wife wasn't going to own a beer joint and I told her so.  Asked her to marry me and move to the ranch with me.  She tole me to ride that idea straight to hell and hiss the devil right smack on the ass when I got there..." (Henry talking to Larissa about Ruby Lee...I love that woman)

4 out of 5.  I would have rated this higher, but I was disappointed that there wasn't much of a reunion after the big upheaval and it was pretty much back to normal after the big betrayal.  Great book, and I am looking forward to Sharleen's story.

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