Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Hunt - Allison Brennan

Twelve years ago, Miranda Moore miraculously survived the torture of a serial killer who was never caught.  Since then, Miranda, a former FBI trainee and now a member of a local search and rescue squad, has witnessed with horror the recovery of the mutilated bodies of seven young women, all victims of her tormentor, known as The Butcher.  When another beautiful Montana college student goes missing, the Feds get involved, and an agent, a man Miranda once trusted with her heart, arrives to take over the investigation, forcing her toward a painful choice.  Now, while Miranda battles her demons, while friends, lovers, and traitors are caught up in a frantic race against time, a killer hides in plain sight, waiting to finish the one hunt he has left undone.

Miranda had been through so much and was trying so very hard to move on with her life while trying to catch the one person that had haunted her dreams.  She was betrayed by the one person she trusted more than anyone, Quinn who helped her get in to the FBI program, decided she wasn't ready to graduate with her peers thus sending her back to her hometown and the lodge with her father and far away from Quinn.  Miranda heads up the search and rescue team for her best friend and former flame, Nick, who is now the sheriff.  When another woman goes missing, Nick feels it is best to call Quinn and ask for help, Quinn being a Fed, would have more resources then the sheriff's department.  Through many twists and turns the story comes to life.  The torment that is put upon these victims is spelled out in excruciating detail, and made me feel so much hurt, just by reading the words.  I loved that Miranda had so much strength, but that it was a struggle for her daily to put her past behind her.  Some of the book was in way to much detail and I found myself skipping over the descriptions of the woods, since they were described several times.  I wish there had been a conclusion for Nick, it was kind of left hanging, only hoping he finds himself in the next novel.

Notable Quote:
We all have choices, they chose to be evil.

3 out of 5...while I enjoyed the story line, it was a bit to descriptive for my tastes.  There was a lot left unsaid at the end, and I felt it left the story unfinished.  Nick was a big part of the book, and then at the end, it was just kind of done.

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