Monday, August 01, 2011

Underground - Nicole Laurent

Kayla Reid awakens to find her MIA ex-black ops soldier and the love of her life extracting her from impending danger and her lover s bed. Alex takes Kayla on the run and underground where forced seclusion fires up tempers and tension while offering a second chance at life and love. Page turning suspense,steamy & emotional.

In My Own Words:
Kayla wakes in her boyfriends bed to find her ex, Alex, who disappeared without notice 2 years prior, having a gun trained on Brian her currently main squeeze.  Alex tells Kayla she must leave now, cause she is in danger and he needs to take her to a safe house until the danger has been taken care of.  At the safe house, Alex makes an attempt at training Kayla in self defense tactics and shows her the ins and outs of his lair.  Without really meaning to, Alex ends up in a compromising situation with Kayla when his right hand man, Jace shows up on the scene.  Jace's job is to prepare Kayla for anything that can happen, and stay with her until Alex returns.  Wait, backup, until Alex returns??  Yep, Kayla wasn't all that jazzed either to hear that Alex was going to leave her with the overbearing, rude, neanderthal.  Just before he leaves to take care of business, Alex has Jace install a tracking device in both Kayla and himself.  His tracking device is strictly for her, which was one of the sweetest moments.  When his "bleep" is silent, she assumes and plans for the worst.  When they are finally reunited, sparks....and bullets fly.

I had this book on my Nook for some time and just kept overlooking it.  I am really bummed I did that, this was a really good romantic suspense book.  Not only are there really creepy bad guys, but you have an alpha male that has only sights for one woman ::sigh::  the suspense is hot, the sex is hotter.  Not only that, but it turns out she is trainable and holds her own when the need arrises.  I sincerely hope this is the beginning of a series, cause I would love to know what happens to Jace.

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