Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sqeeze Play - Kate Angell

Risk Kincaid was finding out that the life of a pro baseball player wasn't all it was cracked up to be.  The fame, the fortune, the fans, what food were they when he kept striking out with the one woman who really mattered to him?  Jacy Grayson was sassy and spirited, but she only saw him as her rebound lover, the man who picked up the pieces when her heart was broken.  Yet Risk had never stepped sown from the plate before, and he certainly wasn't going to start now.  The bases were loaded, all Risk needed to do was show her that the diamond he had in mind wasn't found on a baseball field.

Squeeze Play is the first in the Baseball series by Kate Angell.  Risk is a pro baseball player that just won the World Series.  Coming off the win, he heads to his hometown and his hometown girl, Jacy.  Jacy owns the local java hang out, and is as quirky in her daily life as her decorating is.  Wild colors and patterns surround her, and suit her to a tee.  Jacy and Risk have known each other their entire lives, and in high-school when Jacy got her heart broken, they struck a deal.  He would be her rebound lover whenever she needed him.  Never would he even think that she would not only concoct relationships and heartbreaks just to get him to come home, but fall in love with him at the same time.  He has his own secrets of the heart he isn't sure he can share with his best friend.

Notable Quote:
"When boys swim in the sea, and it's cold, their willies get small."  (oh the things that kids say lol)

Squeeze Play was a fun, quick read (I read it in one day).  The cast of characters was fun and energetic.  Cover to cover this book was entertaining.  A secondary romance (actually by the end there are 3 solid couples) brews and you see love blossoming all over the place.  This book is proof positive that communication is key to any relationship, and if you can't trust you romance novels, who can you trust? LOL  I can't wait to read the next, and read about the Bat Pack....Curveball!!!

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