Thursday, June 09, 2011

Kade - Cheyenne McCray

After a bitter divorce, reporter Kelsey Nichols has erected a border around her heart too strong for any man to cross. She's not ready for a relationship of any kind with any man. But when Kelsey meets Kade she can think of nothing but being in his powerful arms and in his bed.

Intelligence Agent Kade Owen is hot on the trail of a notorious smuggler when the sensual blonde reporter comes into his life. Once he gets a hold of Kelsey, nothing will stop Kade from winning her heart.

While at the airport getting ready to head to Arizona for some investigative reporting, Kelsey meets the handsome cowboy, Kade and they strike up and easy friendship.  The plane ride just solidifies his interest in her and when finding out they are staying at the same hotel, he asks her to dinner.  After leaving her at her room with a smoking hot kiss, he wonders if he will ever see her again.  At breakfast, visiting with his father who is there to meet the reporter that will be staying with them for the next several weeks, who walks in but Kelsey.  Both Kelsey and Kade are shocked that they will now be spending the next few weeks sleeping under the same roof.  While Kelsey strikes off to write her article and conduct her interviews, Kade slowly starts to break down her heavily lined walls that are around her heart from her disastrous marriage.  With Kade getting to close to a human smuggling ring, things begin to get more heated.  Then Kade's family is threatened and action must be taken.  Kade knows almost immediately that he is in love with Kelsey, will she realize what is in front of her before it is to late?

Notable Quote:
"Can we keep her dad?"  (Trent talking to Kade about Kelsey)

I loved this book from cover to cover.  I was pretty sure I had all the bad guys picked out early on, but I have to admit I get surprised by one at the end, which I love when I can't figure it all out.  I love the chemistry between Kade and Kelsey and that she didn't just fall at his feet from the beginning, but he had to work hard to get her to open up to him.  In my opinion, a good book is one that brings out a myriad of emotions, and that is exactly what this one did.  I had adrenaline pumping, and the sex scenes were not only hot but intimate, and the scenes with Trent warmed my heart.  I felt myself smiling at times and turning the pages faster to see what happens next.  I can't wait to read the next in the Armed & Dangerous series.

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