Monday, June 06, 2011

The Cowboy's Surrender - Ann Marie Novark

Copper River Oil Company is drilling for oil on the Diamondback Ranch. Dallas McCade can't do a thing to stop them, because he doesn't own the mineral rights. To add insult to injury, they've sent a woman to oversee the operation. Dallas has good reason to distrust women. As soon as he sets eyes on Gillian Bankston, he loses his temper . . . and his heart. That makes him spitting mad and frustrated as hell. Gillian has never met a man quite like Dallas. He's as prickly as a cactus, but his kisses are hot enough to ignite a West Texas wildfire. Gillian's been burned before and wants nothing to do with love . . . or lust. Battle lines are drawn and it's war between the sexes. Will they surrender to the powerful attraction neither can deny? Who will be the first to wave the white flag?

Dallas McCade is as rough around the edges as they come.  Having had his heart trampled by his ex-wife and feeling betrayed by his sister-in-law he has no use for any female unless it is to warm his bed.  Gillian Bankston has had her own troubles with the opposite sex, after an abusive relationship that ended luckily with the death of her husband, she is in no hurry to let her heart loose anytime soon.  To bad for both of them, fate has a different plan.  Every time they turn around, it seems they are at the same place and same time, finally giving in a calling a truce, the heat ignites between them.  Gillian is the new boss at the oil rig that Dallas despises.  When things start to go wrong at the rig, all fingers and evidence points to Dallas.  Would he really do anything to get his land back, as he has said?

Favorite Scene:
I really loved the delivery of the new baby!!

This was my first Novark book, and I guarantee it won't be my last.  I loved getting to know the McCade family.  All with their own since of loyalty and honor, but the banter with the brothers was a crack up.  I could picture them each time throwing verbal jabs at each other.  I liked that Gillian was a woman with a purpose, not just some pretty girl, and that she was cautious.  Some of the scenes seemed to be a bit wordy and a little over descriptive for my tastes, but the story line was great and I hope we get to see more of the brothers, and Tori of course.

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