Monday, January 17, 2011

The Gift of Joy - Valerie Maarten

When Joy Tate was just a naïve, little girl that still believed in dreams and wishes, she had only one wish for Santa Claus. It was a selfish hope that caused her to lose the most important person in her life. Now all she wishes for is… THE GIFT OF REDEMPTION Gabriel Hawthorne spent his entire childhood ignoring the sad, lonely girl from across the street, but could never fully keep her from his thoughts. But after reuniting with her, he’s impressed with the strong, fierce advocate she’s become. And when he’s with her, she gives him the greatest gift of all… THE GIFT OF JOY

A truly heartwarming holiday story.  Joy endured so much at the hand of her father, oh no, he never hit her directly, but he took away the one thing she truly loved, her mother...and on Christmas Eve.  Joy spends the next 20 years helping those that need help, abused mothers and children, by opening a shelter, helping them get on their feet and get on with life.  The one thing she wants more than anything is Gabe, the boy across the street has grown in to a man that still have impeccable aim with a snowball.  There is a great supporting cast as well in the form of Gabe's sisters, and women at the shelter, and YES, there even a few appearances by the one and only Santa.  This books begs the question...Are the bonds of friendship that were formed so many years ago strong enough to bring them to a Happy Ever After?

Notable Quote:
"You young people don't know love if it had teeth and bit you in the ass" she said bluntly.  (Mrs. Browne giving Joy a stern talking to)

4 out of 5.  I really enjoyed this story.  It was everything I look for in a good story, there was love, romance, heartache and pain.  I cried and giggled and felt lots of hatred towards the father.  This was a quick read, but definitely worth the time.

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