Thursday, January 27, 2011

All Through The Night - Suzanne Brockmann

It’s Christmastime in Boston, and this year the silver bells will be wedding bells as FBI agent Jules Cassidy ties the knot with the man of his dreams, Hollywood heartthrob Robin Chadwick.

The pair plan a quiet, intimate ceremony, to be witnessed by family and close friends from the FBI, SEAL Team Sixteen, and Troubleshooters, Incorporated, including Sam Starrett and Alyssa Locke. But the holiday season brings more to the happy couple than they expect.

A waterfall coming through their kitchen ceiling, a bat colony in the attic, old family tensions . . . even an international incident can’t dampen their spirits. But add to that a parade of unexpected guests, including a reporter looking for a scoop, an ex-lover hell-bent on causing trouble, and a dangerous stalker, and suddenly the wedding is poised to unravel in chaos.

But nothing will stop Jules and Robin from getting their happy ending, because along with a guest list featuring the most elite counterterrorism force in the world, they have their own secret weapon–true love.

All through the night is the 12th book in the Troubleshooter series.  I fear that someone picking up this book, would see on the cover "A Troubleshooter Christmas" and think they will be following the Troubleshooters on a mission at Christmas.  That is soooo not the case.  This book is the wedding of Jules and Robin. Of course lots of our friends from the Troubleshooter organization make an appearance, as to some of SEAL Team 16, but when I first fell in love with this series, it was because of the missions. Granted, there is a small mission in this book. It lasts for about 6 pages, and during this time, Robin is at home and the wives of the SEAL Team 16 and Troubleshooter's visit Robin to help him get through his first crisis. There's a secondary romance that blooms between Dolphina, Robin's and Jules's personal assistant, and Will, a newspaper reporter, who catches Robin in a too-candid moment that results in unwelcome publicity. Will's acting as guardian for his niece while his sister serves in the military in Iraq.  

I had a huge issue with some of the verbiage that was used in this book. The male characters - gay and straight - seem to be comfortable discussing love and relationship issues in depth and at great length. Men can talk about subjects other than hot chicks, sports, cars, and cool gadgets? Who knew? The SEAL, Troubleshooter, and FBI characters are ultra-macho with enough testosterone to float a battleship, but nobody -absolutely nobody - has even a hint of homophobia. Jules and Robin are getting married. Isn't that sweet seems to be the consensus.

Notable Quote:
"Yeah, I was just practicing being an asshole.  It takes hard work and constant dedication to my craft to excel the way I do..." (Sam helping Robin along in his quest to ask Jules to marry him)

Ms. Brockmann's personal agenda permeates the story. Her son is gay, and she is very active in organizations trying to end discrimination against gays. This is a position I support, but I'd just as soon not have it hammered it at me in a romance novel.  A lot of the dialogue borders on TMI.  I did enjoy getting to see a few of the TSI and SEAL's lives, and how they have changed with marriages and babies.  In my opinion, we seem to have veered way off course to what this series was advertised as.  I need a rescue, someone stopping a terrorist, some bombs and highly tense situations and a HEA.  It was there, it has been done in most of the books in this series, but the last 2 books, haven't worked for me.


  1. You are right on in this review! I could not agree with you anymore! This is probably my least favorite book of them all. As a whole I really enjoy this series even though there have been a few that have left me very disappointed! I agree that her personal agenda is hammered in this book! I support her wanting to support her son, but this is not the series that she should have brought it out in. (IMO)
    With all that said.... She does get her head out of the...clouds in the next few books. She is back in Troubleshooter land! :)