Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Last Honest Woman - Nora Roberts

Book Blurb:
After her racecar driver husband dies in a crash, Abby O’Hurley Rockwell is left with two sons—and secrets to keep. Journalist Dylan Crosby is convinced that there is more to the young widow than meets the eye, though he’s unprepared for just how different Abby is from what he expects. Far from being a pampered, spoiled housewife, Abby proves to be a woman of substance, with just enough of a mystery to her and her past to keep Dylan intrigued—and wanting more…

In My Own Words:
Finally deciding it was time to tell her side of the story, Abby O'Hurley makes a deal with the devil.  Well, a devil with a pen and paper.  Dylan Crosby is known for his biographies, known for getting the truth no matter the cost.  When he smells some half truths coming from Abby, he vows to get to the bottom of it.  He knows the kind of woman Abby is, pampered, sheltered and loaded but when his illusions are put to the test, is the truth really what he is after or is Abby's heart more important?

Abby is spunky and loving and a mother we all wish we had.  I really enjoyed getting to know the characters, especially the family.  Unfortunately that is where the "like" about this book ends.  I was a bit disappointed at the abruptness of the ending especially having so many loose ends left.  The whole point of this story was that Dylan was there to write a book, yet the story ends with no book.  Being left with nothing by the mother in law, seems to be that should have been resolved as well, especially for the children.  I don't see the second book in my future.

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