Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Comeback of Conn MacNeill - Virginia Kantra

Book Blurb:
Val Cutler’s restaurant, Wild Thymes, is in trouble. As a condition of her father’s loan, she is forced to accept the advice of Yankee business consultant Conn MacNeill...but she doesn’t have to like it.

Conn is determined to prove himself after his recent firing from a high-stakes, high-profile venture capital company. Wild Thymes is small potatoes. But the recommendation of Val’s father could be just what Conn needs to get started on the comeback trail.

Neither Val or Conn is prepared for the attraction that flares between them, quick and fierce as a kitchen fire. But things get even hotter when they begin to uncover the secrets behind the restaurant’s troubles. Secrets that someone would kill to keep...

In My Own Words:
After leaving her home town and starting a life of her own, the last thing Val Cutler wants to do is come back and start all over again.  But, when her beloved aunt dies and leaves her house to Val, that is  exactly what she does.  Starting her own restaurant is the only enticing thing about the idea.  But, no matter how hard she works, or how much money she thinks she is making, she can't run in the black.  Her only recourse is to ask for daddy's help.  Daddy's with Conn MacNeill.

Conn is a well known venture capitalist and knows that working for Mr. Cutler can make or break him in the business world, but when things in Val's business starts to not add up, it looks like Cutler's very own bank may be the cause.  Helping Val get to the bottom of her business worries turns in to the last thing he needs to worry about.

I enjoyed this story.  There were many twists and turns, but even at the beginning you were pretty sure you knew who the bad guy was, that wasn't really a mystery.  The flow of the story was good, and the building of the characters was also good.  The problem is...I didn't find anything extraordinary about any of it, it was just...good.  That being said, I will be reading the next in this series, as this was a quick, easy read.

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