Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Karma - Carly Phillips

Book Blurb:
Police Officer Dare Barron has had a crush on Liza McKnight ever since he was a teenager. But despite his lifelong attraction, the closest he’s ever come to interacting with her is watching Liza regularly bail out her brother at the station. Dare’s dark past with Liza’s brother, Brian, has always kept him from pursuing her.

But suddenly Liza finds herself in need of protection and Dare appoints himself as the man for the job. And while the sizzling attraction between Dare and Liza draws them together, the past that Dare and Brian share threatens to keep the two apart forever.

In My Own Words:
Sometimes the one thing we want to forget the most from our past comes back to haunt us which is the case with Dare and Liza.  He wants so much to forget and redeem himself for the party he left when he was 15 years old, resulting in the death of a friend.  The party was held at Liza's house by her brother, and every time he sees Liza, all he can think is what a screwup her brother is and how could she help him the way she does and still have a conscience?

Liza has secrets of her own, and none of them is she willing to share with the uppity Officer Barron.  When they are continually at the same place at the same time, some of the walls start to crumble and the pair start to actually like each others company.  When her brother's screw-ups start tracking her down and threatening her, Dare feels it is his responsibility to rush in and save her, until he is forced to confront demons from his own past.

These two have baggage with a capital "B".  I loved the chemistry between them, and watching them argue was almost as much fun as watching the makeup sessions.  I enjoyed getting to see the past couples and of course Tess.  It has been awesome to see this family evolve over that past 3 books not only with their romantic relationships but with each other and their new sister.  Karma was a wonderful wrap up of the family, with lots of new additions and healing coming full circle.  My only complaint was the large amount of editing issues.  Names were switched a few times, and punctuation was missing several places, it became about me finding the errors instead of focusing on the story.  I do recommend this book, and of course, the editing won't stop me from buying another Carly Phillips book, but in this one, there were more than a few.

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