Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Fragile - Shiloh Walker

Book Blurb:
Six years after trading in his combat gear for hospital scrubs, Luke Rafferty is faced with things just as heartbreaking as those on the battlefield. The abused children being brought in by the pretty redheaded social worker tug at his soul like nothing he's ever known.

For Devon Manning, being a social worker is a rewarding job, but also a constant reminder of her own troubled youth. Devon takes everything one day at a time-unable to form a relationship with anyone except the children she rescues.

When Luke meets Devon, he thinks he might have found what he's been looking for, but in order to get the life he wants, Luke has to break through Devon's emotional barriers and make her realize that his healing touch might be just the complication her life needs...

In My Own Words:
After and injury that would put Luke on desk duty, he decides to take a graceful exit from the elite Army Rangers.  While working as an emergency medical doctor, he comes across Devon Manning.  A shy social worker that seems to live within herself except when it comes to the welfare of a child, then shy is gone replaced with a woman who will take no prisoners to protect.

Devon believes she isn't worth a shot at a wonderful, sexy and talented doctor. After a chance meeting and a shared dinner, it is clear to Luke there is something between them, all he has to do now is convince Devon he is worth the chance.  What Devon has to decide is if she can lay her past to rest and give love a shot.

When strange things start to happen, and Devon starts to let her guard down and trust Luke.  When things go from bad to worse, Devon and Luke have to struggle to keep it together, professionally and personally.

Notable Quote:
"....I wonder if I'll have the strength to keep doing this - and then, I go home.  I see Alan at the stove making lousy spaghetti while our kids are at the table doing their homework.  I see them, and I realize that I do have the strength.  They give it to me." (meeting with Devon and her therapist)

This is my first Shiloh Walker book, and there is no way it will be my last.  I have already bought Broken (Quinn's story).  These two really broke my heart.  Between Devon's past and Luke's issues, I wondered if there was enough therapy for these two to find their own HEA.  The love scenes were eloquently written, and watching them fall in love was like you were in the room with them.  The secondary characters were great as well, which is one of the reasons I am looking forward to Broken, Quinn was written so well that I was intrigued from the first meeting of him.  The mystery was almost to easy to figure out until a few more twists were added was awesome.

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