Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wedding Survivor - Julia London

Book Blurb:
When a pair of A-list movie stars decides to combine a wedding with an extreme sport outing, ex-stuntman Eli McCain isn’t too happy. One of the Thrillseekers Anonymous founders, he was jilted at the alter a year ago—and he has no interest in hearing wedding bells. Unfortunately, hes’ been outvoted, and now there’s a crazy wedding to stage with a bridezilla from hell.

In comes wedding planner Marnie Banks to save the day—and, she hopes, make some romantic connections with Hollywood’s jet set. Only one problem stands in her way: Eli McCain, who may look like a movie star, but has no appreciation for the finer things in life. 

In My Own Words:
When her life is falling apart, what more can Marnie do but plan weddings?  With her old life as a computer programer behind her, she is forced to move in with her parents until she gets back on her feet.  While at a wedding seminar, she overhears rumors about a wedding planner being needed to produce the wedding of the century for two of the biggest stars in the world.  When she finagles an "audition" to try out as the planner, she is unmoved by the Thrillseekers Anonymous' methods of trying out a planner.

When she finally gets the job, she realizes really quickly that she will be working very closely with Eli, one of the founding members of TA.  When she is forced to confront her attraction to him head on, the way she is going to confront the wedding.  With emotions on high, between her and the bride, Marnie has no other choice than to put aside what she thinks she feels for Eli and move forward.  Eli has been jilted once before and he has no plans to let any woman get close enough to him to break his heart again, but a little affair can't hurt....right??

Notable Quote:
"this is just about the coolest dress on the planet, thankyouverymuch, and please don't be offended when I say that I'm not about to take any fashion advise from Howdy Doody who thinks workout clothes are the same as bangin' around clothes."

This was my first Julia London book, but I can promise it won't be my last.  The banter between the two main characters was hilarious.  The "book club" with Marnie's mom and her friends cracked me up, a book club where they drink and gossip and don't read any books, brilliant.  I loved Marnie determination and grit, she wasn't afraid to take the bull by its horns and make the most of a situation even when the wedding turned in to a cliche of what could go wrong will.  My only issue with the book was that it seemed to go on and on about the same things.  It was kind of repetitive in places.  That being said, I can't wait to read more about the guys in TA and hopefully revisit Marnie and Eli.

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