Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Deep Disclosure - Dee Davis

Book Blurb:
After spending years in prison under deep cover, black ops agent Tucker Flynn joins A-Tac, an elite CIA unit masquerading as faculty at an Ivy League college.Nothing can shake him-except a vulnerable young woman marked for death.


When Tucker is assigned to protect-and secretly investigate-Alexis Markham, he expects a routine mission. But this mysterious beauty has a past even darker than his: her father created a horrifying new biochemical weapon-and was murdered to keep it secret.

Alexis has spent the last decade racing to stay one step ahead of the shadowy operatives who will stop at nothing to possess her father's formula. She can trust no one, not even her handsome new bodyguard. But the heat that flares between them is impossible to resist. Will giving in to passion bring her the safety she's always craved, or will her love for Tucker draw him into a killer's sights?

In My Own Words:
Talk about being at the wrong place at the wrong time.  When Tucker figures out he has become a creature of habit, he figures one last cup of coffee won't kill him.  As he sits in his favorite booth, at his favorite coffee shop, he can't help but think of how far he has come since his break from the prison.  Breaking in to his thoughts, a beautiful woman comes in to meet with an older man and they seem very happy to see each other.  Soon, Tucker can tell the conversation has goon awry, and the woman stalks out of the coffee shop angry.  Before Tucker can even begin to process what just happened, a bomb is detonated blowing away the man and part of the coffee shop.

While watching the TV, a news alert informs Alexis that George, he one time friend and father figure, has been blown up.  Being on the run her whole life, she sees this as a sign that it is time to move on, and change her name, again.

When A-Tac sees this as an opportunity to put some very bad guys away, they seize the opportunity and assign Tucker as Alexis' protection.  But with so many bad guys on the loose and all of them intent on killing or kidnapping her, who can she really trust?

This is the 5th book in the A-Tac series.  I am not sure how Ms. Davis can top this one.  The book has it all.  Bad guys coming from each direction, even so far as to kill each other, you have a formula that everyone wants, but no one knows where it is.  There is an amazing love story that seems so fragile yet so meant to be.  Then you have all of the A-Tac players back and helping keep justice, still reeling from their own betrayal.  When I first started reading, I was SURE I knew who done it, but I was completely wrong.  I was also SURE I knew what the key was to the formula, and again....wrong.  I love when I find out along with the team, makes the book more enjoyable to me.  I really can't wait for Hannah and Harrison's book, coming April 2012.

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