Monday, July 18, 2011

Ready - Lucy Monroe

Book Blurb:
Writer Lise Barton is used to coming up with wild scenarios for her characters, but the one that's playing out for her right now is no fiction. Someone is stalking her, someone who knows where she lives and what she does-who's even threatened her family. To protect them, she packs up and leaves Texas for the anonymity of Seattle-where it starts all over again.

Joshua Watt's mission is simple: Bring Lise home for Thanksgiving or he'll never hear the end of it from his sister. He's spent months trying to forget the taste of her lips, but the minute he sees the fear in Lise's eyes, the former Army Ranger takes control. His mission: Protect Lise and try to keep his personal feelings out of it. Because if there's one thing he's learned, it's that sex and work don't mix. So far.

In My Own Words:
Ready is the first book in a trilogy about the 3 Brothers in Arms that were Ranger buddies in the Army, turned mercenary. While running to Seattle from a crazed stalker, Lise tries putting her life back together.  But when the stalking seems to be escalating when he threatens her family, she decides it is time to take drastic measures.  She decides it is time to cut her family off and not attend the family get-together for the holiday.  When Joshua gets a call from his sister that Lise has decided not to attend the festivities, he believes it is his fault and makes it his mission to convince her to return to Texas for the holiday.  When he arrives at Lise's apartment, he immediately realizes, she is terrified and not of him.  He convinces her to fill him in on all of the stalking and he takes over her security in that moment.  Joshua (Wolf) calls in his fellow mercenary buddies that all severed in the US Army as Rangers together.  As a team, they set out to trap this stalker and make him wish he had another hobby.  The one thing about this mission that Joshua isn't sure about, is if he will be able to keep his hot blooded hands off of Lise until the end of the assignment.

Notable Quote:
"When I'm with you, I forget my own name."  (confession from Wolf)

Ready was an adrenaline rush for me.  I liked not only getting to see Lise and Joshua's plans but also getting a glimpse in to the life of the villain.  The chemistry between Lise and Joshua was evident from the very beginning and was great watching them both fight it then finally give in.  Getting to meet Hotwire, Nitro and Josie was great too.  Just catching little snippets  about Josie and Nitro made me eager for their story, those two are going to be explosive.  And Hotwire's southern charm was cute and had the desired affect of putting Lise at ease.  The camaraderie the three men have was inspiring.  My only gripe with this book was the take down of the stalker was kind of anti-climatic.  We were rushing throughout the whole book to stay ahead of him and then....bam, he was taken down without a fight or anything.  Just seemed a little to perfect.  Otherwise, I was engaged the whole time.  Can't wait for Willing the next in this series.

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