Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fatal Consequences - Marie Force

Lieutenant Sam Holland has no sooner accepted Senator Nick Cappuano's proposal than she's back on the job. A woman has been found brutally murdered and evidence points to Henry Lightfeather, a senator and close friend of Nick's. While Sam investigates, Nick stands by his friend—complicating his own bid for reelection, and causing tension between the couple.

As Sam's investigation reveals a scandal that rocks the capital, Nick and Sam discover that the biggest threat to their future might be someone from her past...

In My Own Words:
When we last left Sam and Nick, Sam had just accepted Nick's proposal for marriage, but if you think we are talking happily ever after, you are soooo mistaken.  While attending Sam's dad's wedding to his long time caregiver, Sam gets a call that she is needed on a murder investigation.  While investigating the murder, she uncovers a second murder, but when one of her own is attacked as a message to her, it becomes very personal.  Soon, the evidence begins to point to some that are higher up in the government and you can almost hear her dance in glee at the prospect of cleaning house.

Notable Quote:  (there were so many great quotes it was hard to pick just one)
"No. Fun and sweet and nice is not enough to build a relationship on."....."It's more than Nick started with. There's nothing nice or sweet about you"  (Sam and Freddie)

I am not so sure that the news is great for Mrs. Force.  I don't know how she is going to top this one.  Fatal Consequences was my favorite of the series so far, and really that is saying a lot since I have loved the first 2 immensely.  It was so great to see some of the other charters get more story in this one, cause I am totally smitten with Gonzo and Christina.  I really enjoyed getting to know Scotty and I have high hopes as to where that relationship heads.  The action is great, the characters are lovable and the relationships are hot.  I would highly recommend this book and series to anyone who enjoys romantic suspense.

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