Thursday, March 24, 2011

Glory Glory - Linda Lael Miller

Eight years ago, Glory Parsons had been forced to flee her hometown--and leave behind her first love. And Jesse Bainbridge would never know the heartbreaking price she'd paid--or about the child born of their fiery union....

Jesse had once wanted Glory with all the passion in his soul--until she walked out on him. Now she was back with shocking news that would change his life forever. Could he trust the woman who'd betrayed him--the only woman he would ever love?

I didn't think I would ever find a LLM book that I didn't like, until Glory Glory.  I liked the idea of the story, since it was done with a twist.  Glory gave up her daughter for adoption at the insistence of Jesse's meddling grandfather only to be adopted by Jesse's brother and sister-in-law.  Flash forward several years and the brother and sister-in-law both die in a crash.  Jesse is then raising his own daughter without knowing it is his kid.  Glory comes back after a bad breakup to heal and to be with her mother while she marries over the holidays.  Glory comes face to face with a child that can be none other than hers, just on sight she knows Liza is hers.  Glory sets out to become friends with Liza against Jesse's wishes.  The parts that just don't jive with me, is the fact that he despises her, wants nothing to do with her, but the next moment they are in bed together?  Then once he does find out that his grandfather set up the whole scheme she just says...its okay, I have loved you forever.  Just seemed that the whole story was rushed.

LOL Moment:
"Aunt Ilene sewed in one of her past lives, but she doesn't know how anymore"
As much as I hate to admit it, this was my least favorite book that I have read of LLM.  The story seemed rushed and the relationships between Jesse and his almost fiance just kind of ended with no sadness or drama.  The relationship between Jesse and Glory was not believable and I didn't feel like I had a vested interest in any of the characters.

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