Wednesday, March 02, 2011

A Game of Chance - Linda Howard

Undercover agent Chance Mackenzie knew that the best way to capture an elusive terrorist was to use the man's daughter as bait, so he cleverly seduced Sunny Miller and set out to discover her father's whereabouts. Sunny's own innocence was questionable, and gaining her trust was nearly impossible. And even with all his experience and training, Chance found it difficult to overlook her beauty.
However, Chance soon realized that Sunny wasn't running from him—she was running for her life, and she needed Chance's protection. But keeping Sunny safe would involve telling her the truth—about his mission and what she'd done to his heart.

A Game of Chance is the 5th book in the Mackenzie series and in my opinion the best of the bunch.  I fell in love with Chance throughout the series.  He was fiercely loyal and loved his family without question, even though love didn't come easy to him because of his early childhood.  Sunny kept him on his toes from the first meeting.  She is witty, and quirky and takes none of his crap.  To find out if she is aware of her fathers link to terrorism, Chance sets up a plane crash to make sure they can only be found when he wants them to be found.  It is in this "crash" site that they fall in love, but it is also where his lies get wound tighter and tighter.  When they are "rescued" and she finds out the truth, will she decided forgiveness is worth his love?

Notable Quote:
"...If I would could have had my pick of all the kids in the world to adopt, I sill would have chosen you."  (this line....its hard for me to put in to words, but not having this....made me wish...)

I loved the entire series.  The family dynamics of each character were great and their mates were perfectly written.  Each story was filled with love, romance, intrigue, suspense and family.  The Mackenzie family is one that you wish you were a part of, no matter how crazy and loud they were, you would always know that no matter what, they would be there for you.  And Wolf is the father that every little girl dreams of!  A good book, in my opinion, makes you feel and get involved in each character, that is exactly what happens when reading this series.  You become a Mackenzie.

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  1. Loved this series! I just finished Chance's book today, I'm kinda sad I don't have anymore to read!