Sunday, April 15, 2012

Deadly Dance - Dee Davis

Book Blurb:
As the intelligence officer for A-Tac, a black-ops CIA unit masquerading as Ivy League faculty, Hannah Marshall is used to working behind the scenes. But when a brutal murder hits too close to home, Hannah finds herself in the middle of the action, falling in love while racing to outwit a sadistic mastermind.

After the death of her A-Tac partner, Hannah doubts everything she thought she knew about love and loyalty. When handsome Harrison Blake joins the team, she's reluctant to trust him - or to act on her intense attraction to him. Then Hannah receives a podcast of a gruesome murder, and the only person who can help her find the killer is Harrison.

Harrison has spent years trying to hunt down the cunning monster who killed his sister. Now investigating with Hannah, he faces a shocking possibility - his sister's murderer has resurfaced. As the danger escalates, Hannah and Harrison grow closer, the desire simmering between them ignites. And when Hannah disappears, Harrison has only one chance to save the woman he loves.

In My Own Words:
After the murder of her good friend and partner plus the betrayal of someone on their team, trust is no longer given as easily as it once was, and even then it wasn't given freely.  Hannah is the free spirit on the team, someone everyone loves, but when a sadistic killer sends her TA a gruesome video, the person that Hannah turns to for help is Harrison.

Harrison has skeletons in his own closet to try and protect, and this killer seems like he is opening the door on all of his secrets, which can mean only one thing...HE is the target, but why now?  It will take everything the team has to flush out this guy, but when Hannah is taken, Harrison must risk it all to save the woman he loves.

It is no secret that I love this series, and I have been waiting for Hannah's story, and I wasn't disappointed.    She seems to be the little sister of the group, someone that everyone looks after, so I knew it would take a special someone to break down some of her defense walls.  Lots of twists and turns in the plot, and when you think you have it figured out, another twist is thrown in there, just for good measure.  I felt the flow of the book was great, the characters were awesome, and we got to catch up a little with other members.  Some parts of the story seemed REALLY predictable though, like when Hannah was finally taken, you could see that coming from a mile away.  But really that would be my only gripe.  Otherwise, I loved the story as much as the rest of the series.  I am highly intrigued by Simon, and can't wait for his story.

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