Friday, December 23, 2011

Man Law - Adrienne Giordano

Book Blurb:
Security Consultant Vic Andrews lives by his Man Laws:

Never mess with your best friend's sister

Never get caught

Never get attached

But he can't deny his irresistible attraction to Gina Delgado, a young widow with three kids and plenty of strings attached. Even so, having a physical relationship doesn't mean they're "in a relationship."

Gina lost her husband to tragedy; she is not getting emotionally involved with another man in a dangerous profession. Sleeping with Vic is just stress relief.

Until one of Vic's assignments goes wrong and the target selects Gina and her kids for revenge. There's nothing Vic won't do to protect Gina and the children—the family he realizes, too late, he wants. He'll accomplish his mission but will he have lost his only chance at true love?

In My Own Words:
You know when innocent sex starts to feel like something more, and you are the no attachments kind of guy, that you should cut your losses and RUN.  But, what happens when your sex partner is your best friends sister and a widow with 3 kids?  When a mission to kill the bad guys ends with a pissed off bad-guy-brother, Vic scrambles to figure out the angle in which retribution will come.  When he is seen helping Gina take her sick daughter home, the bad guy thinks they are a couple and this is the best way to get back at Vic, by tormenting those he loves.  With him trying to explore feelings he didn't know he had in him, plus trying to protect Gina and the kids, PLUS trying to find the bad it all to much for the no roots guy to handle?

Notable Quote:
Man Law: Never wonder if you should have thrown the asshole off the roof.

This is the second book in the Private Protectors book.  I really loved Vic and Gina.  This book had so much attached to it.  You had the family dynamics of a widow trying to reclaim her life, plus her kids not sure how to handle a new man coming around.  Then Gina and Michael's brother/sister relationship.  Plus the "men" on the team that were the bodyguards...all smart asses with a heart of gold.  I felt so many emotions while reading this book.  At one point, during a rescue scene (trying not to give to much away), the rescue goes wrong and I was DEVASTATED.  I felt for the team, Vic and Lily.  I was REALLY mad at the author, and I honestly said "how could she do this to me?"  THAT, is the mark of a good book.  You are so involved with the characters and their lives, that you feel like you are part of it.  I loved the "Man Laws" at the beginning of each chapter.  There was a lot of action, lots of love and tons of entertainment.

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