Sunday, May 29, 2011

One Night Stand - Cindy Kirk

Marcee Robbens found herself in the arms of a sexy stranger before the bouquet was even tossed at her best friend's wedding. And after a night of hot caresses and knee-weakening kisses in handsome Sam McKelvey's arms, even happily single Marcee is humming the wedding march. So when the sun comes up and Sam hits the road, the usually tough-as-nails beauty finds herself nursing a tender heart. . . .

Sam's not the kind of guy who would have a super-hot hook-up with a woman he barely knows. But something about Marcee had him mesmerized—enough for this usually sensible single dad to abandon his responsibilities for one unforgettable night. But Sam never thought his one night stand would turn up as his new next-door neighbor. Or that once he glimpsed the soft side of this captivating woman, he'd find himself falling in love. . . .

Marcee is a beautiful woman with lots of womanly attributes and men seem to think that is all there is to her.  After losing her job at one of the biggest CPA firms in Chicago, for not sleeping with a client, she decides to start looking at things differently.  After her mother runs off with husband number 5, or was it 6, she decides now is a good time to confront the demons that haunt her in her home town, not to mention being able to get to know her younger brother while helping him get through his final year of high school.  While catching up with one of the only people she could call a friend in the small town, who should walk in but the new sheriff, and one night stand that rocked her world.  After realizing that they are neighbors and her brother is keeping the company of the sheriff's daughter, Marcee and Sam begin a secret affair.  With small town gossip the way it is, they decide mutually to keep their budding relationship to themselves.  As Marcee realizes that her feeling have not only grown, but also being with the dreaded "L" word, being kept a secret is no longer good enough.  Is there more to their relationship besides sex??

This was a fun fast read.  The story line was great, and the meddling town was....well meddling.  There was great chemistry and it was really lovely to see Marcee become a respected member of the community, finally.  I wished there was an Epilogue,  her brother had applied to Julliard, what happened with that?  Marcee started a new job and Sam asked her to marry him, did they live HEA?  Another thing that really turned me off to this book was the edit issues.  One chapter Marcee had a Saturn, a few chapters later, she had a Jetta, then back to the Saturn.  Just one of my pet peeves.

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