Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Everyone Loves A Hero (and that's the problem) - Marie Force

Hero pilot Cole Langston is learning to live with—and enjoy—his newfound fame and the rabid female attention that comes with it until a lucky punch knocks some sense into him and opens his eyes to true love.
When his copilot suffers a heart attack in flight, Cole lands the jetliner in a blizzard and revives the stricken captain. Catapulted to national hero status, Cole has more women vying for his attention than he knows what to do with. They all have one thing in common: they try without success to bring this happy-go-lucky pilot down to earth. Then comes an airport altercation, a punch to the face, and the lovely Olivia—a shy, timid artist who does what no other woman has ever managed to do: steal Cole's well-protected heart. With women coming on to him everywhere they go, Olivia struggles to believe that Cole is ready for a committed relationship. His biggest problem is getting rid of all his extra ladies before the only one he wants figures out that she's one of many.

Everyone Loves A Hero takes you through the ups and downs of new love...but with a twist.  Cole is a national hero, everywhere he goes he is recognized and fawned upon.  When he rescues Olivia from a rude customer, he knows he has found the one.  Now the trick, convincing Olivia she is the only one for him.  Cole is a reluctant hero, he just wishes the lime light would find someone else to shine on so he can get on with his life...and love.  I was able to relate to Olivia in so many ways, her insecurities for one.  I think every woman is insecure at one time or another.  Looking at her family life and what she dealt with with her mom, endears her to me and made me forgive her for some of her more "whiny" moments.  There wasn't a true villain in this story, per se, unless you include women who won't take no for an answer, but this book merely followed the couple as they traveled through life.

Notable Quote:
"WOW"  (one of Cole's favorite sayings...after a while, I would chuckle when he said it)

I started reading this story as soon as my Nook said I could.  I have been anxiously awaiting the release day and it didn't disappoint.  I stayed up late to read and couldn't put it down the next my eyes, that is what a good book should do, make you lose track of time.  The banter between Cole and Olivia was refreshing and witty.  Olivia's relationship with her cousin Jenny, is a wonderful addition to the story, not to mention Jenny's own little addition.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone as it has all the components of a great story, laughter, tears and anger all rolled up in one sexy cover.

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  1. Thanks for the lovely review, Hope! So glad you enjoyed it!